• Floral Crafts

    Creating a Fancy Bucket Full of Roses for Less than $10

    Happy Spring! Well, almost. Here’s an awesome way to put a bucket of spring flowers together for a table centerpiece or just for a nice pop of color in a room. Did I mention I did this for less than $10? 🙂 Ok, so admittedly when I shopped for the supplies for this project I might have picked up a whole bunch of things to figure out what to do with later. For this project I used a $3 bucket from Dollar General (already painted pink), some Dollar Tree flowers, a chunk of floral foam (also Dollar Tree), and some cardboard I had on hand from a shipping box. On…

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  • Refinishing

    How I made my countertops look new again- using contact paper!

    Admittedly, I was super super hesitant to cover my countertops in contact paper. I’ve waffled for months on what to do with my countertops- should I make new countertops? Should I get install new laminate ones? Should I keep drooling over the butcher block ones I don’t have a budget for? I finally decided that I didn’t want to try and replace them myself- mostly because I haven’t really done any plumbing before and I’d have to take out the sink. Perhaps that will happen when I’m feeling more adventurous… anyhow, here’s what I learned about how to apply contact paper to countertops. For those of you who think this…

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  • Floral Crafts

    Creating a $10 Floral Centerpiece With Dollar Tree Items

    Ok, so admittedly I’ve watched too many videos on how to make centerpieces from Dollar Tree stuff and had to build my own. I had a lot of fun with this- and it’s an adorable centerpiece for roughly a $10 total cost. I’m going to walk you through what I did to make this step by step- it was actually super easy. You will need a LOW temp hot glue gun for this project- a high temp gun makes the glue take way too long to cool for this application. Here’s a good option for a reasonably priced glue gun https://amzn.to/3oLpFw7 and you can get your glue sticks anywhere including…

  • Refinishing

    Ugly stair treads? Make them beautiful for less than $100!

    How many of you have ripped up the carpet on your stairs only to find unhappy dirty pine stair treads underneath? Was your first thought “We need to replace those?” Here’s a fun way to turn ordinary pine stair treads into a new gorgeous set of stairs- all for less than $100 in materials. This project took me a total of around four working days time- but I split it up and worked a few hours a day over a period of a few weeks and moved kind of slow. It’s very likely that this project can be finished faster using larger time chunks. So here’s what the stairs looked…

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  • Woodworking Projects

    How to Craft A Custom Desk From $5 Common Pine Boards

    In the newfound work-from-home era, I quickly realized that I needed a nice desk space to work from. My goal was to create a desk large enough for my home office to fit two computer setups comfortably. Here’s a glimpse at the finished product: Alright, well let’s get crafty! To make my custom desk, I started out at my local big box home supply store and picked up: Five 1″x6″x8′ common pine boards Two 1″x4″x8′ common pine boards I think the whole thing came out to like $50 for the lumber. I went for the cheap stuff. The turnover on the cheap stuff is usually faster at the lumber departments…